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Specially designed for newborns through 4 years old

In a fun and engaging atmosphere, children will explore musical instruments, creative movement, dancing and singing. They will be exposed to beats and rhythms spanning different eras and various parts of the world. Classes are divided into specific developmental age groups which promote language, rhythm, motor skills, self-esteem, creativity and joy!


Music Lights Up the Entire Brain!

When a baby is first born her brain is only 25% wired for how she will learn, 75% wired by age 1, and 90% wired by age 3. Research shows that exposure to specific types of musical activities wires the brain for language, reading, math, and motor skills while nurturing emotional and social development.

Our Classes


Infant Rhythms

Newbornโ€“5 mos.


Baby Beats

6 mos. - 13 mos.


Mini Mozarts

14 mos. - 27 mos.



27 mos.-3.5 years



3-4 years old

Read What Parents Are Saying

As a reading specialist and an early childhood educator, I could not recommend Musicology enough. Musicology is not only fun and engaging for children, it is also a great way to lay the foundation for future learning. When children learn rhythm and steady beat through music it primes the brain for hearing the rhythm in books and language. This prepares the brain for reading and writing.


Jill Landis Leshin

I started bringing my daughter here when she was six months old and we have continued classes for the past year. It has been a wonderful experience and great for her language development, social skills, and just an overall fun and awesome experience. All the teachers are amazing and the owners are so organized and accommodating as well. We will continue classes for years to come!


Kelly Landin