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What Is Musicology?

MUSICOLOGY is an enhanced parent/child music program designed specifically for newborns through 4-year olds. Classes are divided into developmental age groups which promote language, rhythm, motor skills, self-esteem, creativity and joy!

In a fun and engaging atmosphere, children explore musical instruments, creative movement, dancing and singing…while discovering exciting new beats and rhythms spanning different eras, genres and parts of the world.

Musicology is proud to be partnered with Dr. Jill Stamm of Arizona Children’s Association (AZCA).

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Why Music?

Music is the one activity that lights up all areas of the brain! When a baby is first born her brain is only 25% wired for how she will learn, 75% wired by age 1, and 90% wired by age 3. Research shows that exposure to specific types of musical activities wires the brain for language, reading, math, and motor skills while nurturing emotional and social development.

Read about our unique partnership with Dr. Jill Stamm and Arizona Children’s Association

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Summer Classes

Play and Learn with all new musical themes:

  • Surf ‘n Sun
  • Beach Week
  • Marching Americana
  • Folk Music
  • Reggae & Caribbean Vibes
  • …and more!

Weekday & Saturday Classes for Newborns 2 weeks old – through 4 years old New friends can join anytime during the session for a pro-rated fee!

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