MAY 8th
@1pm Scottsdale

MAY 23rd
@2pm Chandler
@4pm Scottsdale


Babywearing Dance Class

The journey from married couple into parenthood is quite a wild ride…and sometimes we miss those moments of intimacy with our partner. In GrooveBaby dance class you’ll make a soulful connection with your better half while bonding as a family with your little bundle of joy! Daddies, get comfy cozy wearing baby in a front carrier so Mommy can channel her energy to gaze lovingly into his eyes, like Jennifer Grey with Patrick Swayze. 🙂 Or, if you prefer to get a sitter and have a private date night out, couples (without baby) are welcome!

Our dance instructor will make this a fun and relaxed experience for your trio. Each class will focus on a different dance style including Tango, Salsa, Cha Cha, Swing, Hustle, Waltz, Two-Step…You and your partner will learn some hip new moves so you can have your own dance parties at home. Each class is fresh and new, so first-timers are always welcome and encouraged!

BIG BONUS: Baby reaps the benefit of feeling rhythm through movement and dance, and surely will enjoy being a love sandwich between his/her favorite adult humans. Your tiny dance partner is developing security and attachment with you through the joy of dancing.

Dancing to music makes us happy, releases endorphins and creates bonds to last a lifetime. We hope you can join us!
“When I dance I forget everything else and I feel completely happy.” – Katherine Jenkins